Dashboard Cameras - Are They Worth Your Consideration

Dashboard Cameras – Are They Worth Your Consideration

Dash CamJust in case you haven’t noticed yet, dashboard cameras have been making headlines for a while now. You log on to social media and there are tons of dash cam videos of interesting, weird, scary and mind-boggling stuff; whether it is a pack of strange animals crossing the road, police brutality, a road accident, an awesome view of an area or someone’s epic road trip – they can capture anything.

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam frontThat alone should make a good case for installing a dash cam in your car. But there’s more. You can actually use the footage from your car’s dash cam as evidence to prove that you were not at fault for an accident. That way you will not only avoid legal consequences but you will also find it very easy to get insurance compensation.

There’s a catch though. The video you present to the insurer, police or court should be able to provide sufficient evidence. Meaning it should be clear enough to show road signs, license plates, traffic lights and any other thing in crispy fashion. That really boils down to the dash cam you choose to install in your car.

Ideally, for you to make a case in any situation, you need a dash cam that can record videos in high resolution and with a wide angle of view. fits the bill perfectly. In fact, if you are shopping for a dashboard camera you should consider this particular model.

Why the Rexing V1 Dash Cam Edges Other Models

Excellent video: as is the case with any other camera, the first thing you look at in a dash cam is the quality of its videos. Rexing V1’s 1080P video quality is right there among the best in the world of dash cams. It is extremely sharp and clear in all lighting conditions. The fitted Sony Exmor sensor makes night footage as good as day footage. You can add a watermark (of your car’s license plate) to the footage.

1700 angle of view: this is important because you want a dash cam that can capture a sweeping view of the road and area in front of your car. Otherwise it might fail to capture those small details (like parts of license plates) that usually matter in a case. The V1’s 170-degree field of view is the most you will get in a dash cam.

Awesome design: the Rexing V1 Dash Cam looks nice and sleek to start with. In addition, it is compact and small enough that it won’t interfere with your view of the road, as long as you mount it correctly (preferably behind the mirror).

Easy to install and use: speaking of mounting, the V1 is pretty easy to set up. It comes with an adhesive for attaching the camera to the windshield. But there’s an option for using a suction mount, though that will cost you an extra $6.

One of the best things about this dash cam is that it doesn’t have complicated features that make it unnecessarily hard to use. As long as you find your way around video and picture settings you will be good to go. It does have a 2.4-inch screen together with large-enough buttons to make your work easier.

Optional GPS: yes, the GPS function is optional, but you should definitely get it. It clocks your location and speed at any given time, ensuring that you have tangible evidence in case of an accident or incident. This 30-dollar add-on could make the difference between losing and winning a case/claim.

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